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From: Jarbear Jarbear
Subject: Gay Campground -- 50By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer
all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I
write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as
you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. Characters & events
that are referred to in previous chapters will have the chapter number in
parenthesis.When supper was done, I said, "Now it's time to go to the barn. Follow
me." As we headed out the door, I asked Trevor, "So, what do you think so
far?""Sorry, but I normally don't give my impressions bras 38gg
ahead of time," he
replied, "But I'll tell you this, I'll email you a draft of what's going to
be published. I want to get my facts straight, but my opinions are just
that 1 gal ounces - my opinions - whether you agree with me or not."I wasn't sure 15 weeks pregnant picture if I liked what I heard. His opinions are valued by the
readers of the magazine more so than the facts. So that made me very
vulnerable."But I assure you this," he 15 to17 sex girls continued, "I am very fair. You will get a
draft and if you think that I am way off base, just let me know. I'll
listen to what you have to say and I will explain why I wrote what I
wrote.""That seems fair enough," I replied.By then, we got to the barn. Of course, when we entered, the first thing
Trevor saw was the hot tub. There were several guys relaxing in it. Two
were casually conversing and two others were going through a fuck session.
One was bent over the edge of the tub while the other was behind him,
holding his hips as he shoved and pulled his cock in and out of the ass in
front of him.Trevor walked over to the one getting fucked porn s 46 m and said, "I'm the journalist
you've heard about -- you know -- the one for the gay travel magazine. I
want to ask you a few questions." Rick, of course, had immediately resumed
his picture taking."The audacity of him!" I thought to myself, "He's got the nerve --
interrupting a good fuck session -- talking as though nothing is going on
-- as if 1980s and breast cancer they don't care enough of their alessa silent hill3 sex fuck session that they don't mind
being interrupted!"I had to step in, "Just a minute Trevor. I spy kids 2 gadgets think it's kind of 12 facial amateur rude
interrupting a fuck session just for a few celebrity obituary october 25 questions. Why don't 12 yo illegal pic you just
wait until they're done before you talk to them. Better yet, why don't you
talk to these two guys -- they're just sitting there talking.""That's okay, Bob," the fucker interrupted, "If we can help promote this
place, it's worth the interruption." Turning to Trevor, he said, "Ask
away. 11 old porn stars
But I want 14 yo illegal video to remind you, you ARE being rude interrupting us. We're
doing this for Bob because he's a great guy and he's running a great place
here."Inside, I felt proud. But on the other hand, I didn't want to set Trevor
off on bad footing. Oh well, I just have to let it nude girls 13-17 go. I excused myself
from the group and told Trevor that I would be waiting for him below the
right loft. It's best I didn't listen in on the conversation. So I went
to see if things were being set up for the party for the construction crew.Bernie, our weekly DJ, had already arrived setting up the sound and
lighting system. Tim was there helping him. "How are things going?" I
asked, 40d swimsuit underwire
"Is everything coming together for tonight?""I filled him in about the construction crew," Tim informed me, "I think
we've got a couple of special plans for them that they will like."I listened closed as they filled me in on what was going to happen. I
liked what I heard and gave them my thumbs up. I walked up to Tim, gave
him a hug and kissed him. "I haven't seen you lately. Things going OK?""Sure," Tim replied, "You hired me to be the janitor here. With the
magazine writer coming, I wanted this place to look good and clean. I've
worked my tail to the bone to clean things up. I hope it meets your
satisfaction.""I've been taking Trevor around this place since noon today," I
responded. "I've looked things over as I did and everything looks
ship-shape. I'm proud of you. You did a good job." I kept my arms around
him -- pressed him against me -- our crotches pressed together. l4d witch porn
continued just standing there, looking into each other's eyes. We both
felt our cocks hardening between us. "What can I do to please you?" I
asked him gently."Well," Tim asked shyly, "You can give me a nice fuck -- you can call it 'a
fuck of confidence'. I always enjoy a good fuck."I backed him to a table and he sat on it. He then laid back on it and
lifted his legs in the air. I squatted down in front of 8 tube female domination
his ass and tongue
fucked him until his asshole was well lubed and loose. I stood up, gave my
hard cock 15 yo free pics a few strokes, guided it toward his hole and slid it in. Tim
groaned, "Oh, yes!"As I was into fucking Tim, Bernie strolled towards us. Normally, when he
sets up and runs the sound system, he's dressed for safety's sake. But
this time, he had stripped down. This was the first time I saw him naked.He walked around the table Tim was lying on toward Tim's head. As I
continued my fucking, Bernie bent over and kissed him long and slow. Their
tongues worked around each other. Bernie's cock was hanging just past
Tim's head and Tim reached kids porno under 16 back, got a hold of Bernie and pulled him
closer. As he opened his mouth and Bernie's cock went in easily.As, Bernie began fucking Tim's mouth, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled
back as we bent over towards each other and kissed. I took Bernie's face
in my hands and drew my kisses deeper, sliding my tongue as far into his
mouth as I could. He wrapped his arms around my neck. As we were into our
three-way, we did not hear Trevor and Rick enter.When the clicking of the camera began, we both looked at Rick, then at each
other. "OK with you?" I asked."Fine. Just fine!" Bernie replied. So we continued with our three-way as
Rick continued with his 12yo free nude task of taking pics. Then I felt a body press up
against me from behind. I felt me ear lobe being nibbled on as a pair of
hands massaged my breasts. A soft voice spoke into my ear, "Would I be too
rude to join in?" It was Trevor.I chuckled lightly and said, "When it comes to sex and you joining in, no.
Do what you want."I felt his hard cock against my ass. The 12yo old porn
mpg xxx free 8 head of his cock pressed against
my asshole which was still stretched 1930 s glamour from the double fucking with the two
black guys. His cock slid in easily and massaged my prostate as he fucked
me and when a cock does that to me, my cock gets ready to shoot.I was still fucking Tim, so my cock was not only tingling from Trevor's
cock, but also from Tim's fucked asshole. Realizing the four of us sexing
together really gets me excited -- along with being photographed by Rick
for the national gay magazine. "I'm gonna shoot!" I warned Tim. He gave no
response. His mouth was too full of Bernie's cock. So I shot.When my cock finished throbbing, I pulled out and as well, Trevor then
pulled his cock out of me. As I stepped away from Tim's ass, Trevor
immediately got 6 weeks pregnant fetus down on his knees and sucked the cumload out of him. It
was then I heard Bernie gasping. He pulled out of Tim's mouth, grabbed his
cock and began strokng furiously. Tim laid still on the table with his
mouth open, tongue hanging out, waiting for Bernies load. Bernie shot
right on his tongue all of his load. When he was done, Tim closed his
mouth and then made cum suds come out just enough to be noticeable. Trevor
moved over to Tim and kissed him long and deep. I knew that Tim shared
Bernie's cumload with Trevor, for when Trevor pulled off from kissing, he
was licking his lips.After a moment, I spoke, "Well guys, you better get back to finish setting
up. I'll take Trevor and Rick on to see the rest of the place. See you
later at the party. Are you getting enough pics, Rick?""My God! I've got so many that my first disk is almost full. But don't
worry. I've got a couple more empty disks."As we were heading up to the right loft, Trevor asked, "What's this party
tonight? Somebody's birthday?""No," I responded, "it's a party for the finishing crew. It's a way of
thanking them for getting porn from 1980 their work done before you guys arrived. The
cottages are finished and they deserve a nice reward.""What have you got in mind?""Well, I don't want the word to get out. It's a secret until the party.""But, we won't tell. Besides, we've got to leave before the party. Can't
you tell us your plans?""Sorry, but it's your loss for not going to the party."Trevor stopped. We stood at the edge of the loft as Trevor pondered what
to do. "Rick," he asked, "what do you think about tonight?"Rick shurgged his shoulders, "Whatever you want to do. I'm just following
you around. I'll do whatever you want.""Do you have anything planned that we can't stay here tonight?""No, not really.""Well then," said Trevor with an air of finality, "We will stay. I can get
some more information for the article and will be able to see how you run
your parties.""It's your decision if that's what you want to do," I responded
nonchalantly. Secretly, I was delighted that he was staying. b2k tease The more
exposure he gets to this place, the more positive the article. Also, I
felt that he really wanted to stay for the party -- to participate. This
was fine with me!As I was showing him the orgy area in the loft, there were three campers in
a circle sucking each others' cocks. They 14yo nude torrent noticed we were there, but
ignored us as we stood and watched. "I may remove this area," I explained
to Trevor, "They can have their orgies anywhere at any 40 old nude
time. busty 16yo They don't
have to have it 40 s mature sex here.""I just may disagree with you on that one," Trevor replied, "Sometimes,
when I'm in an orgy, I like it in the dark, where it's just groping and
feeling around, not knowing who I'm having sex with. I like the anonymity
of it -- not recognizing the person later who I had sex with.""I think you're right," I responded thoughtfully, " I'm glad you said that.
Plus, it seems like there's always someone here."Then I led him further back in the loft where there was the maize with the
gloryholes. I instructed Rick to go ahead of us and 14yr blowjob take pics as I talk to
Trevor, which he did. I explained 12yo pussy photo how one side is for the cocksuckers (the
reason for the stools) and the other side is for the camper who wanted the
blowjob.Trevor didn't say a word, but stepped up to a hole and pushed his cock and
balls through. He stood there for a moment with no response, but then I
knew that someone had latched onto his cock, because his facial expression
change. He began to rock back and forth into the hole. Once he pulled all
the way back and I saw an open mouth with the tongue out press agains the
hole -- a sign the cocksucker was wanting the cock back. So Trevor guided
his cock back through. And the sucking resumed.I just stood there watching and after a couple of moments, Trevor pushed
harder against the wall and his knees were shaking. He gave a short gasp
and I knew he was shooting his load. When he had compsed himself, he
pulled out, and very business like, turned to me and said, "Shall we move
on?"He was walking ahead of me back to the loft ladder when Rick caught up with
me. I turned to look at him just as he was wiping his mouth with the back
of his hand. I raised my eyebrow at him and he whispered to me, "I finally
got a taste of his cock -- great load!"I smiled. We then climbed down the loft and crossed over to the left loft
and went below. There, I showed him the weight room, slings, showers,
restroom, and video room. I didn't make any comments, but did write some
notes to what I said. In the under 14 porno xxx photography room, Rick looked closely at the
equipment. "This is professional stuff," he commented. In the video room,
again he made more positive comments."Do you have any professional photographers here who work this equipment?"
he asked."No, I don't," I responded, "These rooms are only used on 2 girls nude mask weekends by the
campers here. I have to admit that sometimes I feel uncomfortable about
the campers using unfamiliar equipment.""Maybe we can work something out where I can help you. Trevor and I rarely
work on weekends (this being one of those rarities) and Usually I'm free on
weekends. I would love to be here to run the equipment. You need a
professional who knows what he is doing. Would you be interested?""I don't know," I responded, "I will have b2k tease to think it through. I'll need
to talk to Travis, my new accountant and hear what he has to say.""I could stay in the bunkhouse when you get it built. Giving me free
lodging would be pay enough for the service. I could set up a schedule or
something with the campers that want to be photographed.""Sounds fair enough. I'll let you know."We then climbed in the upper loft to the theater. There was a camp video
showing and some campers were seated in front of the screen jacking their
cocks. They turned and glanced at us and then looked back at the screen.
On the screen was a video of me getting gangbanged on a picnic table.Trevor turned and looked at me, "Are you in all the videos?""No," I answered, "The videos are all of the campground. The campers are
in the videos as well. Sometimes the campers like to see themselves in
action. So we make it available to them. I took Trevor and Rick to hairy twat over 40 the
picture gallery. "These are stills of the videos taken as well as what was
taken below here in the photography and video booths."We climbed back down the left loft and stepped out of the barn. "Well," I
said, 40 plus moms sex
"This is it. You have seen it all. Do you have any questions?""None I can think of right now. When does the party start this evening?""About 1 gal ounces eight or eight-thirty.""Well then, if you don't mind, Rick and I will just wander around, looking
the place over one more time and then be back her in time for the party.
Is that all right with you?""Fine with me," I answered, "In other words, quoting my good ole
grandmother, 'Just straighten up and act like you live here."
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